(left to right) Curtis Alley, Karen Pezzuti, Mark McFarlan, Steve Elam, Wayne Napier, Chuck Pledger

Formed in 1976 by Wayne Napier and Jim West, they wanted to start a band that played music that was more rock oriented. They had been good friends for a long time and when Wayne started playing guitar and singing, they got together and began playing the style of Christian music that they were into, like Barry McGuire and Sammy Hall. They started Sonshine with Jim's wife Melanie and Debbie Girardot, a friend from their home church. About six months later Steve "Crawdad" Gordon joined on synthesizer. For a short time, Jim's brother-in-law Gary Mullins played piano. Returning home from the army, Steve Elam lent his guitar and songwriting ability to the band. During this time, Debbie Girardot left when she married and after two years with the band, Jim and Melanie decided to leave. But a mutual friend, Mike Hoover, joined the band as a singer.

It was in 1978 when I met Wayne at college and showed interest in joining his band. Being a new Christian, I was excited about the prospect of playing in a band. Wayne said that they had almost given up on the idea of finding another keyboard player. But after listening to a demo tape of my music, it was a unanimous decision to make me a part of Sonshine. It was sometime around then that Darrel Schick started running sound for Sonshine. Then Karen Pezzuti, lent her voice as-well-as her technical expertise in stage lighting. We also began looking for a drummer and found one in 14 year old Mark McFarlan on the recommendation of his youth pastor. Joe Mullins, a friend of Darrel's, came for a short time as a lead guitarist. Not long after this, Chuck Pledger, a friend from my home church, replaced Joe on lead guitar. Chuck was with us for a short time before we changed the name of the band to Crossover in 1984. Sonshine sang covers of contemporary Christian music and after I joined the band, we started to do more original songs.

Wayne Napier - Guitar, Bass, Vocal
Jim West - Drums
Melanie West - Vocal
Debbie Girardot - Vocal
Gary Mullins - Piano, Vocal
Steve Elam - Guitar, Bass, Vocal
Mike Hoover - Vocal
Steve Gordon - Keyboard
Curtis Alley - Keyboard, Vocal
Mark McFarlan - Drums
Chuck Pledger - Lead Guitar
Joe Mullins - Lead Guitar
Karen Pezzuti - Vocal, Flute
Darrel Schick - Sound Engineer, Vocal



(left to right) Mark McFarlan, Curtis Alley, Eric Spence, Greg Sigler

Crossover grew out of Sonshine. Our style had changed to a more harder edged sound and the songs became more sophisticated so, we felt a name change was appropriate. Many of the members from Sonshine were involved in Crossover, but we finally became a four member band. We ministered during the mid 80's in the tri-state area, performing in churches, prisons, and schools.

Wayne Napier - Bass, Guitar, Vocal
Steve Elam - Guitar, Vocal
Curtis Alley - Keyboard, Vocal
Mark McFarlan - Drums
Karen Pezzuti - Vocal, Flute
Greg Sigler - Bass, Vocal
Chuck Pledger - Lead Guitar
Darrel Schick - Sound Engineer, Vocal
Steve Harrop - Sound Engineer
Eric Spence - Lead Guitar



(left to right) Chris Sievers, Tom Fitzgerald, Curtis Alley, Doug Welsh, Scott Wilson

Anthem came together quite quickly. I met Tom Fitzgerald through my brother and we hit it off right away. Tom knew some other musicians who knew other musicians and before long we had a core group of talented people. Before we performed a single note in public, we took our time to create, rehearse, pray, and build on our relationships. During this time many personnel changes took place until we finally jelled into a five member band. We ministered at local churches and schools in the Dayton, Ohio area from 1987 to 1990.

Tom Fitzgerald - Guitar, Vocal
Scott Wilson - Lead Vocal, Keyboard
Curtis Alley - Keyboards, Vocal
Chris Sievers - Drums
Doug Welsh - Bass

Kelly Fields, Jamie Gates, Mike Getz, Tom Levack, Bill Mason, Randy McKinney.


The Ditties was a "pseudo-band" that was created for a particular recording. After my time with ANTHEM was through, I wanted to do a fun project that I had on the back burner for a while. The Beatles was one of my favorite groups and I experimented with emulating their songwriting style. So, Chris Sievers, the former drummer in ANTHEM, and I locked ourselves up in a room at his brothers house and used his 8-track to record material we each wrote. I think it turned out great! I came up with a ficticious name for the band... The Ditties! It sounded like "Beatles" and it means a short simple song.
Looking for Stanley was another "pseudo-band" that was created for a particular recording. Nathan Stanaford was a young man from my church and he played guitar. I had used his talents on other projects and he had wanted to work with me for some time to do a recording. He had several musical ideas that he put down on cassette. I set down to put a melody and lyrics to them. Since it was a joint effort, I came up with a ficticious name for the band - "Looking for Stanley". It's a combination of Stanaford and Alley.


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